Fridayz Here! Yet the New NSX Is Still Hiding.

Looks like yet again there is a delay to the long awaited Meta-Godzilla. Last minute changes in the engine placement under the bonnet–according to online sources–are the root cause. Honda most likely started this design change months ago and chose to release this decision during the months where favorable weather for driving the car is beginning to decline. I knew a delay would come, given the lack of information about the drivetrain and testing being done throughout the U.S.A. summer months (Acura version). I guess another year till the NSX. Imagine how much more R&D moola has to be spent to change all the document designs, part numbers, piping, etc. I feel sorry for those engineers whenever corporate calls them.



Anyways this might be old news for some but, just imagine if you could get your hands on the original engine design. That would be worth a pretty penny in a couple of years!! Will the Acura version still be considered Japanese? Its being built in the U.S., so I don’t know how I feel about that. There’s something about Japanese dedication and craftsmanship that gives me confidence when purchasing a car that’s made in Japan. I’m I right?!? 😦



STāSIS Supercharged R8


(Okay, Okay I know there have been some accusations of fraudulence to the company in the past, but I just want to talk about this car)

Texas Auto Online has a supercharged R8 made by the great Audi tuning company STāSIS. If you have a little bit of change and didn’t throw all your money in the Chinese market, then pick up this drop top R8. Plus its a manual V10!! As you know the V10 is shared with Lamborghini’s Gallardo…now Huracan. Unfortunately sales of the 6-speed were so low that engineers said there wasn’t a point in developing a manual transmission for the Huracan so most likely the new R8 V10 will follow this path.




Anyways check it out and buy it if you have a chance! The car should be pushing upwards of 710 HP & 523 lb*ft of torque, 0-60 time reaches around 3.1 seconds, and lateral and brake G forces should have improved. Here’s the link:



EBay’s 15 Simple Mods To Get Your Car noticed. Bust or Plus?

So this article is old; written April 17 2015 by Carthrottle, but I just found it more hurtful than helpful on most of the suggestions. So here, I’m just going to comment on some of these mods they suggest….again it’s my opinion and I’m always down for other input. Quoted statements are whats said on the article, second are my opinions.

  1. Eyelidsmain_slide_1_wt_bmw_v3
    • “You can either go with a slight edge, matching the car’s paint or a bold colour to contrast your paint. Headlight eyelids are quick and easy to install and rather inexpensive. Done right, they can transform a car’s soft face into something with more road presence.”
    • I agree with this, except if you’re adding eye lashes lol. However some eyelids have to be put on with adhesive so be careful because you could damage your headlamps. Make sure you look at how similar cars look with this addition and how to install it before you make this mod. These days headlights have many components where damaging them could cost you mondo $$$
  2. Sleepy Eye Kit 97ae8a7c9d54019a7baac56ca29025e6
    • “If you aren’t one of the lucky Nissan owners who can do the sleepy eye mod by clipping a wire, check to see if your car model is a candidate for a Sleepy Eye Kit. This style will get people doing a double take to check out your lights, and are always a talking point.”
    • This is very debatable. Most people will think your lights can’t close, which would explain the double take look. So……….to each their own, I guess?!?
  3. Mirrors 34
    • “Old painted or plastic mirrors that have faded can be a real eye sore. An easy side mirror swap with something classy or sleek could really dress up your look. There are many different styles to choose from, so make sure it fits with your ride’s lines.”
    • Definitely agree with this, however most modern cars have incorporated many features in their mirrors that it’s becoming much harder to swap them out. A couple of my favorite cars with mirror mods are the Datsun 240 Z and Mazda RX-7’s
  4. Bonnet forgotten 2013 998
    • “The bonnet of your car takes a fair amount of wear from the road. If you’re trying to make a bold statement, buy a new bonnet to set off the colour of your paint. Even a new bonnet to match your paint is better than an old flaky one.”
    • So this means your “hood” for those in the America’s. I’m guessing this statement assumes that your hood is damaged. I don’t agree with this statement as in most cases you really need to have a seriously customized car to pull this off. Carbon Fiber hoods or any other hoods that don’t match your cars paint can end up looking like an expensive mistake and will reduce your selling price if you are thinking of selling your car in the near future. I would rather repair my hood if damaged and put my money on other items. If you are a track goer, switching your hood for an Aluminum or Carbon Fiber one would be perfect
  5. Bonnet Scoop n08alku1kcbxdkwhewue
    • “Steer away from buying an oversized, obnoxious bonnet scoop. A modest scoop on an appropriately sporty car will serve as both functional and stylish. This project takes a little more time than the others, but the result will be worth it.”
    • As I said with #4 this is worthless unless your car sees track time; this mod would seem wasteful to me. If you are 100% towards going this route; have a professional shop make a functional one that looks great if you can’t do it yourself. Stay away from fake glue on scoops unless you want to be ridiculed
  6. Bonnet Pins/Clips maxresdefault
    • “Not every car deserves bonnet pins or clips. When it’s right, you’ll know. Like the scoops, this project will take a little more time. The last thing you want to do is botch the job, so be sure to be patient and do your measurements before drilling holes. There are loads online DIY tutorials to see you right.”
    • Another wasteful suggestion unless you are running a high horsepower (650+ bhp) machine with a carbon fiber hood or light weight hood. Again this mod would only be for drag/track focused cars i.m.o. Also if you have a carbon fiber hood, this should be used for safety and not to get noticed, because there is a high chance that your hood might flip up if you hit speeds of 60 mph plus
  7. Body Kits 1236285918amuse-350z
    • “For every nicely done body kit, there are ten more poorly executed ones on the road. A lot of people buy body kits without being able to visualize their car with it installed. Try searching for your model with the kits installed before you commit. Otherwise you’ll be labelled a ricer, and nobody wants that.“
    • 100% agreed with this comment. Surprised they are saying “labelled a ricer”, since some of these mods listed are definitely ricer material. Always make sure your body kit is functional and from an official company….try and stay away from replicas especially on ebay/amazon/etc they may lack in quality. However Ebay is great for finding quality parts that might be on clearance. Bulletproofautomotive is also a great source for international and domestic shops
  8. Fender Flares Targa-Trophy-2013-Black-HRE-BMW-M3-Open-Engine-Fender-Flares1
    • “You can use a fender roller tool to gently widen the flare around your wheel, install fender flares or do a combination of both. If you’re installing fender flares, the same rule applies with the colour. A match to your paint will keep it subtle, but a contrasting colour will make it really pop.”
    • This statement is off. So it comments on rolling fenders to widen the flare, which is technically wrong. You roll fenders to roll the inner lip of the fender flat; usually the case for “non-performance” cars. This helps you fit wider and larger tires, lower your car without rubbing on tires, and fit fender flares. Some cars, such as the Nissan Nismo Z editions already come with rolled fenders from factory. Please don’t add a completely different color from your car, 85% of the time it looks horrible. Let me know if I may also be wrong on these statements
  9. Trim 2pcs-5-meters-flexible-trim-for-car-interior
    • “Buying a roll of stick-on trim is inexpensive and rather risk free. If you don’t like it, you can always remove it. Most trim like this can be used in several areas in and around the car. Just don’t go all out and trim all the lines – subtlety is key!”
    • Slightly agree, however some of the “roll of stick-on trim” may make your car look cheap. I would try looking for premium interior parts if your car wasn’t fitted with the top of line interior parts. These are usually cheaper when you search for them online for used parts or you could also just replace broken or nicked parts, and add a performance steering wheel. For me a clean interior and exterior will make others have a double take on your cars looks…in a good way that is
  10. Rocker Panels th51080
    • “For trucks and SUVs, you can protect the bottom of your body panels and add detail with rocker panels. Use the vehicle parts tool to match your make and model to the perfect fitting rocker panels for a flawless look.”
    • Agree 100%, rocker panels make trucks look on point……or on fleek
  11. Tool Box
    • “A truck’s toolbox gets a lot of attention on the roads. A new shiny aluminium toolbox is nice to look at, but even more importantly: it’s functional. Having all that extra storage will keep your cab clean, too.”
    • Ummmmm……seriously? Are we talking construction workers. I’m not even going to post a picture. They should have offered a paint repair kit; cars stand out much better if their paint is on point. Spend time detailing the exterior and interior of your car
  12. Bumper 2007-gemballa-mirage-gt-b-5_800x0w
    • “A bumper is one of the easiest things to remove and replace on your ride. There are thousands of options for car and truck bumpers at almost any price. If you have a bumper coloured differently than your paint, make sure to match that colour with your other exterior mods.”
    • Repeat? #7 mentions body kit, this should have been grouped with that
  13. Exhaust Heat Shield CBX-WRXHSSEDAN-3
    • “Little things like an exhaust heat shield really add those perfect touches. In this case, the shield has an important purpose and looks great. The shields can greatly range in price, but there are several inexpensive ones that fit a variety of car models.”
    • Ummm I guess? I would try and look for a rear bumper that has a diffuser/shield as part of its design. Otherwise if you have an aftermarket exhaust that runs hot definitely get this as it will help save your paint from high heat
  14. Rear Diffuser impp-1304-11-o+2008-subaru-STI-GRB+HK-kansai-rear-diffuser
    • “When you look at your car from behind, and you can see the exhaust tips suspended in the air, it’s time to get a rear diffuser. It will make everything look neatly tucked, while improving the car’s aerodynamics.”
    • Okay just answered my own question from #13……this should be grouped with the exhaust heat shield as the rear diffuser can also play the same role as a heat shield. Instead why not put in a new exhaust; aftermarket exhausts from known brands are usually lighter, perform better, and make your rear end look better in some cases. Once broken in most exhausts will make your car slightly louder and give an awesome exhaust note, which should get you noticed
  15. Wheels 2013-SRT-Viper-front-side-view-in-red



    • “Lastly, take a look at your wheels. If you don’t like what you see, start imagining an upgrade. There’s nothing like a set of nice wheels to make a car stand out. On the other hand, a set of ugly wheels can ruin even an otherwise good looking ride. Be picky with your wheels, and look at what other people have done before for inspiration!”
    • Ummm why didn’t they just make 1-15 wheels. 100% agree with this as these four circular objects will make or break how your car looks and also your bank account. ADV.1 is still my favorite.

Lambo Cayenne

Is it just me or does the Urus look exactly the same as the Cayenne. It seems to me that just as the Aventador; Lambroghini got to design the car, but Volks/Audi/Porsche do the rest. In my opinion there was no need for this, even though Lamborghini has done an SUV project before. This project seems the same as a BMW enthusiast who wants a wagon 5-series in manual transmission to be produced in the U.S., but BMW wouldn’t do that for the mere 20-30 people who would buy it. However, in Lamborghini’s case, the buyers “usually” have deeper pockets and may also be investors in the company.



Seems to me that Lamborghini’s’ are continually being watered down and not representing “Ferrari’s evil twin” like they did in past models. Even the former hosts of Top Gear having given comment about this change in Lamborghini, saying that it, Lamborghini, “should be making cars, they want to make not cars that will make them a few extra $$.” So why waste time on this project, when they could focus on something better?….Like a RWD counterpart of the Aventador………..maybe.



Friday! Friday! Friday!

The FT-1/Supra is still a no show. BMW’s next Z4, the last E chassis model, is still in wraps because of the ToyoBM partnership with the cars. However, the Z4 GT3 model made its last appearance in the 24hrs Spa race, so I can only assume this replacement is getting close to making its debut. The Z4 has been a hit ever since it debut; they didn’t even need to make a M// model for it to stand out like the earlier Z4 and Z3. Anyways, if we don’t hear anything by the end of SEMA, most likely more will be revealed about either the Z4 or FT-1 around the time of the Tokyo Auto Salon and Detroit Auto Show.

And whether or not the FT-1 will be named “Supra”, the fact remains that it will reignite a flame that Toyota has been reluctant to light ever since 2002.



In the U.S. we have the Continental Tire Road Race going on from Aug 8-10, this will be composed of mainly GT3LM, GT, and Prototypes. If you are in the Wisconsin area, head to Road America to check it out.


Tokyo….Durrifftooo! Only two made!

Another Fast & Furious car is up for sale, although this isn’t one of Paul’s rides its the car that made Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift worth watching….well also the girls in the movie.



The car that is up for sale is the Nissan 350z that DK drove. Obviously this is my opinion, but a large portion of my friends that love the movie franchise agree that if it wasn’t for this DK’s Z, Han’s RX-7, girls, and action scenes…the movie would have failed. Sort of like Jurrassic World, horrible acting but great story line, dinosaurs, and action, which is what people want to see.


You can find it at, good luck. A side note you should know about is that there are only 2/11 from the movie that recieved the APS Twin-Turbo–a discontinued product. If I had 6-figures somewhere I would take a swoop at it.



Mercedes AMG GT…….Innovative, Yet Risky!

Price: $130K (12.9M KSh)

Engine: 4.0L V8 Twin Turbo

Power/Torque: 500+BHP/472+ ft*lbs

Relative Tech: Hot inside V, Dry Sump, 3rd Gen Direct Injection


The innovative part is obviously the engine, the risky part is the engine as well. The engine is equipped with a twin turbo system that sits inside the engine block. This new coupe, which shouldn’t be compared to the outgoing SLS, will sit at the top tier of the AMG performance machines. The direct competitors of this coupe in my opinion comes from the German brands; the Audi R8 and Porsche 911. A side competitor will be the GTR.


(I’m not too fond of turbos or know an awful aught about them, so most of my comments might be subjective. )

Through the history of turbocharging one of the greatest issues and problems they have faced is reliability & turbo-lag. The former is an extremely broad statement and the latter can also be grouped with it. However I feel that turbo-lag is always an issue with tuners and sits in its own domain. I won’t dive into reliability issues with turbos, however my stance is that they add another expensive job to fix instead of worrying only about the engine itself, just as an AWD system vs RWD (or FWD).


Mercedes’ innovative engine design of this new V8 helps solve the ever looming issue of turbo-lag, by having the turbo charger directly mounted to the engine block, thus saving time for compressed air to travel into the cylinders.


This however could create a double edge sword in reliability. Usually when my friends had a turbo failure it was “easy” for them to notice as the turbo was mounted outside the engine bay. This gave them some sort of insight to see if turbo had failed–compressor fan breaking, outlet/inlet leak, diverter/blow off failure, etc–or if the problem was due to the engine itself. In the case of this new design engine failure vs turbo failure might not be as intuitive as before. Leading to more than needed engine maintenance if failure to the bay were to happen.

Although reliability may be a major draw back; Mercedes is smart enough to couple this new technology to a car that: 1) won’t see too much road time early in its life, 2) mass production will be limited, and 3) price point of parts might deter some tuners from getting into it at this point. Whatever the case this “hot inside V” coupled with dry sump technology is in its early stages so only time and owners will tell. 🙂