The NSX revealed (Acura).

(Pictures are from Autoblog)

Looks like today is the official release for the NSX reviews. The internet has been buzzing as reviewers post their comments on the car. The car had been sighted at various locations and has had hiccups due to engine reconfigurations. However it seems that finally Honda/Acura have given the release on a production NSX that will be available spring of 2016.



I’m already over this model, all I can now wait for is the NSX Type-R if they ever make one for the “Acura” brand. It also looks like the GTR is finally getting the N-attack package released in North America. I loved the look of this package much more than the NISMO edition. I can’t wait to see it on GTR’s here in the states.


All we need now is the Supra to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show.


Fridayz Here! Yet the New NSX Is Still Hiding.

Looks like yet again there is a delay to the long awaited Meta-Godzilla. Last minute changes in the engine placement under the bonnet–according to online sources–are the root cause. Honda most likely started this design change months ago and chose to release this decision during the months where favorable weather for driving the car is beginning to decline. I knew a delay would come, given the lack of information about the drivetrain and testing being done throughout the U.S.A. summer months (Acura version). I guess another year till the NSX. Imagine how much more R&D moola has to be spent to change all the document designs, part numbers, piping, etc. I feel sorry for those engineers whenever corporate calls them.



Anyways this might be old news for some but, just imagine if you could get your hands on the original engine design. That would be worth a pretty penny in a couple of years!! Will the Acura version still be considered Japanese? Its being built in the U.S., so I don’t know how I feel about that. There’s something about Japanese dedication and craftsmanship that gives me confidence when purchasing a car that’s made in Japan. I’m I right?!? 😦


NSX Lift

Top Supercars to start off 2015 are the……Ford GT and Honda/Acura NSX. Other “Moc-Supercars” are the Cadillac ATS-V and CTS-V. Most of these models should be debuting at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show; with the exception of the GT being a rumor.

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Anyways, I’m really excited about the NSX, as its performance in the market will help entice other Japanese automakers to invest in the sports cars again. The GTR has been alone. Toyota has had success with the FT-86 and have shown a concept called the FT-1. So its good to see Japan offer more than just everyday cars.

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Anyways here is the NSX and its history till now.

The first of the NSX’s showed up in 1990: It utilized an all aluminum body and an in-line V6 mid-engine. The car was also a favorite of F1 driver Ayrton Senna. The R model was released in 93′.

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As more computer and technological gains were verified the NSX was updated as years went by. Improvements were: Alarm system, automatic trans with a “more manual feel” (F-matic), electronic power steering, etc. The engine was also updated from a 3.0L to 3.2L for the manual transmission models.

In 2001 Honda refreshed the aerodynamics of the NSX, most notably are the fixed healights in the front. The R model followed the next year in 2002.

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The vision for the NSX continued with the HSC in 2003. The new interior emphasized a more luxurious feel with paddle shifters and a V6-engine. The long wheel base design and interior of the HSC is a definite replica of the upcoming NSX. These new interior updates would help the NSX reach an exotic feel that it was missing when attempting to compete with Ferrari.

However, sales and a move to efficiency slowed the continuation of the project. Sales of the second gen, NSX ended in 2005.

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As a phoenix dies, its reborn. The same year in 2005; Fukui, Takeo CEO of Honda, said the NSX should be revived in 3-4 years as a V10. The V10 was an obvious move that helped push Nissan with the GTR and excitement was through the roof for Godzilla (GTR) and meta-Godzilla (NSX) to meet again. By 2008 only one made it to production, the GTR.

The green movement from 2006-2010 as well as the global recession put the V10 project at an immediate halt. Honda announced the project will be stopping and the V10’s ended up in the new HSV JGTC cars. Surprisingly however, Toyota was able to make a V10 project happen with the LFA.


In 2009; Ito, Takanobu became the new CEO of Honda motors, following his entrance in 2010 he mentioned that the NSX will be coming back and it would be a hybrid. For those who knew Takanobu it wasn’t a surprise, since he had a long history with the engineering of the NSX ever since its birth.

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Rebirth and destruction: NSX

The Honda (Acura) NSX finally has a production model scheduled and showing on January 2015 at the North American Detroit Motor Show. Also in this release is an update for the “baby” Acura, the ILX, “replacement” of the RSX (Integra), which has been out-of-production for almost eight years. I seriously can’t believe how old I am now.


Anyways the rebirth of the NSX was something we have been waiting for. The Japanese sports car era of the 90’s came to a sudden halt, mostly because of a move to create an efficient vehicle portfolio. Toyota was the forefront runner and really hasn’t released a sport coupe model for nearly 12 years; not considering the Scion brand . As for Honda, they kept dipping their toes with the NSX. Previously the NSX was to sport a V10, however that was scrapped and the V10’s were put in HSV racing cars. Honda however still had the S2000 till 2010, and the Si and Type-R civics were still hot commodities. Nissan was the only company to truly have a high-performance supercar, until the LFA triggered a stampede to other manufacturers.


With the rebirth there is also destruction, and that’s with the last manual tranny in the Acura group. The ILX is the last to get its LED eyes to welcome the NSX and that goes with dropping the manual transmission to an 8-speed auto. This is due to sales and interest, which really doesn’t surprise me as Lexus did the same thing. The styling doesn’t really prompt a sporty feel as the RSX did, however it does have sharp lines. Honestly I’ve never been asked what transmission I would like when going to buy a car. Usually if the car has a manual the sales guy/gal will say, “now this only comes in a manual” or “this one has a manual, but we can try and find one without to match your needs.” Its never the opposite with current automatics.


Its been too long for the NSX and although I would have hoped for a 6 or 7-speed manny on a V-10, seeing this innovative track car will be a day of reckoning for the GTR as well as BMW’s i8. The NSX should be turbo’d with a hybrid set-up. All-wheel drive as all Acuras are standard now wish the SH-AWD and it will be built in…….Ohio?!?