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The FT-1/Supra is still a no show. BMW’s next Z4, the last E chassis model, is still in wraps because of the ToyoBM partnership with the cars. However, the Z4 GT3 model made its last appearance in the 24hrs Spa race, so I can only assume this replacement is getting close to making its debut. The Z4 has been a hit ever since it debut; they didn’t even need to make a M// model for it to stand out like the earlier Z4 and Z3. Anyways, if we don’t hear anything by the end of SEMA, most likely more will be revealed about either the Z4 or FT-1 around the time of the Tokyo Auto Salon and Detroit Auto Show.

And whether or not the FT-1 will be named “Supra”, the fact remains that it will reignite a flame that Toyota has been reluctant to light ever since 2002.



In the U.S. we have the Continental Tire Road Race going on from Aug 8-10, this will be composed of mainly GT3LM, GT, and Prototypes. If you are in the Wisconsin area, head to Road America to check it out.



Z4 Love: Rowen, ADV1 (render), and bet-safe

The BMW Z4 has been on the market for quite a bit now. Its popularity has grown, due to the perfection in its styling and precision of BMW engineering. Now that BMW has entered a new era in its F(X) chassis models, the Z is one of the last models to move from its current E89 to a F(X) update.

The naming scheme might change as well, but with BMW changing its 2-door/coupe like vehicles to even numbered vehicles and 4 doors to odd numbers, will the BMW Z got to a 6 or stay with its current trend and go to a 5? I’m also surprised that this Z model hasn’t received an M version!


Anyways, there have also been news that the next gen Supra and Z4 are going to be a joint project. Mostly in the drivetrain department, I hope that Toyota accepts a manual transmission with the non-hybrid engines the Supra will sport.


Even though BMW has been one of my favorite manufacturers and the Supra is my all time favorite car; the new models that BMW and Toyota have been producing have been so-so. Especially BMW putting an all turbo line-up for their vehicles and Toyota removing manuals from the Lexus brand.