BMW Ferrari Red

Posted via forums by E92doc. He shows a new purchase made by his wife, of a new BMW M3 F80! Well not just any regular F80 M3, this one was painted red…well not just any red, but Ferrari Red! Packaged with everything else, but not retaining the manual transmission; it looks hot! Love the color, but would I spend 100k on an M3/M4!?! Personally no, I would try and get a BMW M4 GTS, unless this will be the car I’d keep for the rest of my life.



M vehichles to challenge Quattro?

With the ever changing face of BMW vehicles–since the introduction of the turbo engines to their whole line up–they entered the domain Audi had been dominating for years. Although I’m a fan of turbocharged Audi’s, I really can’t say the same for BMW’s. I’ve always loved the straight six engine of BMW, but I’m only one voice that can’t change business strategies of a billion dollar company. I also believe BMW previously and do manufactured turbo engines, however these are diesel engines. (Please correct me if I’m wrong).


Another feature that we have seen on many BMW’s in North America is the xdrive system. I honestly get annoyed every time I look for a BMW because there are literally no RWD options in states that see significant snow fall. As I already have trouble finding a 6-speed manual, I have to literally search out of state to find a RWD and manual transmission BMW.



Anyways enough ranting about me. The xdrive system was offered for 3-series and 5-series vehicles around the late 1980s, but for some reason or maybe its just me, there has been a dramatic push for manufacturers/dealers to sell AWD vehicles. The main reason in my opinion are manufacturers wanting to profit in all corners of the market. Audi being the dominant figure in driving mechanics with Quattro, BMW having pure performance luxury machines, and Mercedes having the best of the best in design and technology. Ever since the big-three moved to the Asian markets, BMW has seen a great increase in profitability and have expanded from being an ultimate performance machine to a chimera. Their M group has also seen changes with chief engineer & VP Albert Biermann leaving–now works for Hyundai–and previous Audi engineer, Franciscus van Meel is now leading that division. It really won’t surprise me if he was picked to help lead a successful AWD campaign for the M performance line up.

We have all seen the RS6, RS4, RS5, S6….whatever you want to call it, but all Audi performance coupes/sedans have an AWD system. They even tamed the raging bulls of Lamborghini to drive on all fours and not to remain in the rear. There was a point where Lamborghini made a RWD of the Gallardo (LP-550) and a conversion by Edo of the Murcielago (LP-710). Their sports line ups have been successful in practicality and performance; giving them no true reason to deviate from a strict AWD lineup.


Farbe: Misanorot

Its hard to believe that BMW is already rolling out their G-chassis. It feels as if the F-chassis were just introduced lasting only a meer 7-years. While the ultimate E-chassis’ were in production for almost 31+ years. Apparently this new 7 series that’s leading the pack doesn’t sacrifice performance. I think I’ve heard that many times. Innovation doesn’t always make changes for the better, but defamesthe past in search for an opaque like future…..?? Right? Oh well only time will tell.

BMW 7 Series New York Media Launch.

BMW 7 Series New York Media Launch.

Friday! Friday! Friday!

The FT-1/Supra is still a no show. BMW’s next Z4, the last E chassis model, is still in wraps because of the ToyoBM partnership with the cars. However, the Z4 GT3 model made its last appearance in the 24hrs Spa race, so I can only assume this replacement is getting close to making its debut. The Z4 has been a hit ever since it debut; they didn’t even need to make a M// model for it to stand out like the earlier Z4 and Z3. Anyways, if we don’t hear anything by the end of SEMA, most likely more will be revealed about either the Z4 or FT-1 around the time of the Tokyo Auto Salon and Detroit Auto Show.

And whether or not the FT-1 will be named “Supra”, the fact remains that it will reignite a flame that Toyota has been reluctant to light ever since 2002.



In the U.S. we have the Continental Tire Road Race going on from Aug 8-10, this will be composed of mainly GT3LM, GT, and Prototypes. If you are in the Wisconsin area, head to Road America to check it out.


The X5 & Durango…….Cousins? or Maybe Brother from another Father?

The 2014+ BMW X5’s don’t look as intriguing or innovative in design as the past model did. This new design is quite dull and doesn’t have as much curvature as the previous one. It looks like the focus is in giving the car more straight and sharp lines in this new model as well as current FXX chassis models. 2014-bmw-x5-xdrive35i-photo-592072-s-986x603 2014-bmw-x5-xdrive35i-photo-592078-s-986x603 BMW-X5-E70-002 BMW-X5-E70-005 Looking at this vehicle closer, you might notice similarities with another competitors SUV, this SUV is the Daimler-Chrysler partnerships Durango. Okay, maybe I’m loosing my mind, but I definitely thought of the Durango the minute I saw this X5………I’m not crazy I swear. 2016-Dodge-Durango-rear-view rzt_3197

Make me…………unique and one of a kind.

A little nip here and tuck there! The current trend hitting mass produced performance machines is more individualized and unique options to chose from on-site at the dealer/manufacturer. I talked about this with Damlier-Chrysler–I’ll just say Chrysler–giving more personalization options for Viper owners who want to make their cars “special”, instead of picking between 6-9 options for the colour they want.


Prior to this, Toyota’s Scion group and ultra performance cars such as Aston Martins were the select few that had a complete customization package on the car you would like to receive when it rolls out of the manufacturers lot. Where most performance cars had basic options, i.e. sports exhaust system, front aero lip, spoilers, carbon interior, etc. This gives tuners more options to choose from when purchasing from the dealer, without worrying about voiding a warranty and it also gives another incentive to consumers who are shopping for a new ride and want something unique.


So check this awesome looking 1 of 12 M4’s. Its custom made by the ///M Owners Club of Indonesia (MOCI). Its pretty cool in yellow. Even though its one of 12; 12 of the cars made will be in Indonesia, I believe………..personally I’d be annoyed if another club member pulled up at the coffee shop in the…SAME….EXACT….RIDE…..!

Why no 6-speed?



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