Tuesday Wishes!

THe day after Monday when you see your car parked in the lot, wishing you could go cruise on an open road this early morning!


Well you can’t, because you have to work! (from wheelsandmore.de)


Pretty 2012

#3 Mercedes SLS Hamann Hawk

Here it is, numero tres…namba tatu! The SLS Roadster Hawk edition by Hamann a famous European tuning company. There are a lot of company’s who have given wonderful tuning options for this car and this is one of my favorite. Although I wouldn’t remove the mercedes emblem; the car is strikingly beautiful with modifications that give the SLS an even more aggressive stance then it had before. Modifications made to the car are a remapped ECU, new exhaust system, slightly lower height, 245F/345R, and a redesigned interior. Pics are from Luxatic!

Engine: 6.3L V8

Power&Torque: 628 Hp (from 563Hp)& 480ft lb

0-60: 3.6 sec

Top Speed: 199 mph

Price: $206,000 (stock); Hammann kit ($$25,000+)

Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-2-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-8-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-10-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-13-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-15-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-21-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-24-1024x680