575 Maranello For Sale

I’ve always loved the Maranello! From the 550 to the 575 Superamerica, the Maranello was an incredible machine and game changer for Ferrari. It was the first V12 to feature a sequential automatic transmission for Ferrari, sadly signifying a new era in driving and performance for the companys V12’s and eventually all engine line ups. Whatever feelings I have, Ferrari move was “correct” compared to what other manufactures have said about the manual trans, as they essentially build F1 machines for the street.

Anyways check this ride out! 12K miles with two owners. Being sold at DOMANI MOTORS of Florida! (Photos are from DOMANI MOTORS)

BMW Ferrari Red

Posted via Bimmerpost.com forums by E92doc. He shows a new purchase made by his wife, of a new BMW M3 F80! Well not just any regular F80 M3, this one was painted red…well not just any red, but Ferrari Red! Packaged with everything else, but not retaining the manual transmission; it looks hot! Love the color, but would I spend 100k on an M3/M4!?! Personally no, I would try and get a BMW M4 GTS, unless this will be the car I’d keep for the rest of my life.


GTR R35.17

Its been over a month since I posted, quite disappointed with me as cars are my passion, but I was also focusing on getting grad school apps done and other commitments. Anyways, hopefully I won’t be gone this long again. (By the way, the left is a 2017 GTR and right is a 2015 Black Edition, throughout this post. Interior shot of 2015 might not be black edition).

So following the awesome looking NISMO GTR as well as the 45th anniversary edition GTR; Nissan updated the GTR to follow the current design scheme of its current line up. The new 2017 GTR features updated exterior aesthetics, wheels, redesigned interior with “easier” controls & improved quality, more options such as a titanium-exhaust, and more to come. The 2017 GTR will be released this summer for purchase.

This was a scheduled update, but also very strategic to have a refreshed “new” model to compete with other newly released cars…..ehmm NSX! All in all I’m iffy about the update, but in certain angles it looks awesome and even wider. However, I shouldn’t pout, as a GTR fan I know Nissan always releases specials/updates of the GTR. The R35 has received a 2011 refresh, 2015 re-update, GTR Spec-V model, Black Edition, Nismo/Nismo N edition, 45th Anniversary, and now 2017 refresh. (I think I’m forgetting one or two).

Anyways, do guys like it? Should they have made a limited manual trans model? With the NSX being all-wheel drive and termed as an everyday car too, will it take away GTR sales? Will a price increase be necessary?

E-brake my heart

Innovation and the movement to replace “traditional/ancient” technologies such as manual transmissions, hydraulic steering, handbrakes, analog gauges, suspensions and etc are a moving trend nowadays. Although I’ll speak on this on a different post, I wanted to compare two cars that are direct competitors, but one has chosen to rid itself of some traditional features.

The two cars I’m talking about are the 2016 Mustang and 2016 Camaro, the latter being the car that has accepted more modern features in its cabin. The specific modern feature I’m talking about is the electronic handbrake. The picture above compares both interiors, the Camaro on the left and Mustang on the right. As you can see the Mustang retains the traditional handbrake, where the Camaro doesn’t.

I’m ignorant on how similar the electronic handbrake compares with the traditional in terms of driver engagement during track or “spirited driving, however I know that drifters, track goers, weekend drivers, and auto enthusiasts will be disappointed when they hit showroom floors and see a Camaro without a traditional handbrake.