All Gold Everything?!!

If some variation of the color “gold” is your thing, then the 2016 45th Anniversary GTR is the right car for you. Celebrating one of Nippon’s famous automobiles in the world this GTR comes kitted with: 1) “Gold” exterior color reminiscent of the R34 Skyline GTR, 2) Special Badging in the interior and engine bay, 3) 2016 GTR premium package. This is more of a collectors item as the Nissan gets ready to either end the GTR line or continue on to the R36 GTR. My obvious assumption is the latter as the GTR has been very successful and is very popular. This is a limited production that most likely won’t exceed 100 units worldwide, with 45 confirmed for Japan and 30 to North America.



Gold GTR


If this doesn’t tickle your fancy then here’s another GTR option. If you are from the states and have been oogling at the N-attack Nismo GTR, then this is your year. Before the NISMO GTR was released, we saw it swinging around the Nurburgring with a huge wing on its back. As Japan got its hands on the NISMO GTR we were surprised to find a less dramatic wing on its back and it seemed a bit “watered” down. This made me feel the same way as when they re-moded the NISMO 370z for the third time and took off its dramatic wing and adding an automatic; sad and confused at NISMO’s new direction.However, as I read more, Japanese NISMO owners were also given the option to mod their NISMO GTR’s with the N-attack package and its finally time for North American owners to get the same option.

Stillen Motorsports is the official installer of Nissan/NISMO for the N-attack packages; not sure why they didn’t pick select dealerships by region instead. Although  Japanese are known for teaching and training a small group vs large groups on special craftsmanship, so I’m not surprised they picked a smaller aftermarket tuner. Anyways, if you have a NISMO GTR, hurry up and get this package as it will also be a limited commodity as well.

N-attack Package

N-attack Package



N-attack Package

N-attack Package




The NSX revealed (Acura).

(Pictures are from Autoblog)

Looks like today is the official release for the NSX reviews. The internet has been buzzing as reviewers post their comments on the car. The car had been sighted at various locations and has had hiccups due to engine reconfigurations. However it seems that finally Honda/Acura have given the release on a production NSX that will be available spring of 2016.



I’m already over this model, all I can now wait for is the NSX Type-R if they ever make one for the “Acura” brand. It also looks like the GTR is finally getting the N-attack package released in North America. I loved the look of this package much more than the NISMO edition. I can’t wait to see it on GTR’s here in the states.


All we need now is the Supra to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Matt F’s Take On The Manny Jaguar!

I enjoy viewing Matt’s reviews, even though me as car enthusiasts will have my own opinions on what’s considered “good vs. not worthy”, I still appreciate his input and expertise on the subject matter.

The long awaited E-type revival came and a manual was offered later on after the release of the coupe version, mainly because of Jaguars relationship with E-type followers. Jay Leno even commented about a manual being essential in the revival!

Anyways, if I have extra space in my garage 5 years from now, I’ll definitely be cruising for an F-type ASAP! Watch Matt’s review on the Jag.

DB10 Manual Transmission in James Bond: Spectre


I can’t believe such a limited and specific car from a high performance luxury brand would make the car in a manual transmission; well at least that’s what it looks like in the video. Aston Martins powerful V12 used to be matted to a manual transmission and last time that was seen in James Bond was the DBS in Casino Royale. The last car to have it was the V12 Vantage. However, I’m unsure if this car will have a v8, turbo v8, or v12. However, I’m glad to see the filmmakers convinced Aston to build this car, hopefully it will make innovators realize the digital/non-mechanical movement in cars isn’t all that great.

M vehichles to challenge Quattro?

With the ever changing face of BMW vehicles–since the introduction of the turbo engines to their whole line up–they entered the domain Audi had been dominating for years. Although I’m a fan of turbocharged Audi’s, I really can’t say the same for BMW’s. I’ve always loved the straight six engine of BMW, but I’m only one voice that can’t change business strategies of a billion dollar company. I also believe BMW previously and do manufactured turbo engines, however these are diesel engines. (Please correct me if I’m wrong).


Another feature that we have seen on many BMW’s in North America is the xdrive system. I honestly get annoyed every time I look for a BMW because there are literally no RWD options in states that see significant snow fall. As I already have trouble finding a 6-speed manual, I have to literally search out of state to find a RWD and manual transmission BMW.



Anyways enough ranting about me. The xdrive system was offered for 3-series and 5-series vehicles around the late 1980s, but for some reason or maybe its just me, there has been a dramatic push for manufacturers/dealers to sell AWD vehicles. The main reason in my opinion are manufacturers wanting to profit in all corners of the market. Audi being the dominant figure in driving mechanics with Quattro, BMW having pure performance luxury machines, and Mercedes having the best of the best in design and technology. Ever since the big-three moved to the Asian markets, BMW has seen a great increase in profitability and have expanded from being an ultimate performance machine to a chimera. Their M group has also seen changes with chief engineer & VP Albert Biermann leaving–now works for Hyundai–and previous Audi engineer, Franciscus van Meel is now leading that division. It really won’t surprise me if he was picked to help lead a successful AWD campaign for the M performance line up.

We have all seen the RS6, RS4, RS5, S6….whatever you want to call it, but all Audi performance coupes/sedans have an AWD system. They even tamed the raging bulls of Lamborghini to drive on all fours and not to remain in the rear. There was a point where Lamborghini made a RWD of the Gallardo (LP-550) and a conversion by Edo of the Murcielago (LP-710). Their sports line ups have been successful in practicality and performance; giving them no true reason to deviate from a strict AWD lineup.


Farbe: Misanorot

Its hard to believe that BMW is already rolling out their G-chassis. It feels as if the F-chassis were just introduced lasting only a meer 7-years. While the ultimate E-chassis’ were in production for almost 31+ years. Apparently this new 7 series that’s leading the pack doesn’t sacrifice performance. I think I’ve heard that many times. Innovation doesn’t always make changes for the better, but defamesthe past in search for an opaque like future…..?? Right? Oh well only time will tell.

BMW 7 Series New York Media Launch.

BMW 7 Series New York Media Launch.

2016 GT350/GT350R: Ford’s V8 Swan Song!?!

As we wait for the introduction of the much anticipated mid-engine supercar from Ford, the Ford GT, which will serve as the flagship of their performance line-up. You begin to get a bitter sweet feeling knowing that U.S. V8 engines might soon disappear. Just as BMW packed V10’s and V8’s in their M division E-series models, before they swapped all of their N.A. engines for turbos–hell even their oil went twin-turbo–you can only imagine this is what U.S. manufacturers are planning.

The All-new Shelby GT350 Mustang

Anyways here is the loud and awesome GT350/GT350R. I know for a fact the R model will fetch a pretty-penny in the next 40 years or so. So if you have money stashed somewhere get the GT350R during its last year of production, as well as its competitors the Z/28 and Hellcat Challenger.