Lambo Cayenne

Is it just me or does the Urus look exactly the same as the Cayenne. It seems to me that just as the Aventador; Lambroghini got to design the car, but Volks/Audi/Porsche do the rest. In my opinion there was no need for this, even though Lamborghini has done an SUV project before. This project seems the same as a BMW enthusiast who wants a wagon 5-series in manual transmission to be produced in the U.S., but BMW wouldn’t do that for the mere 20-30 people who would buy it. However, in Lamborghini’s case, the buyers “usually” have deeper pockets and may also be investors in the company.



Seems to me that Lamborghini’s’ are continually being watered down and not representing “Ferrari’s evil twin” like they did in past models. Even the former hosts of Top Gear having given comment about this change in Lamborghini, saying that it, Lamborghini, “should be making cars, they want to make not cars that will make them a few extra $$.” So why waste time on this project, when they could focus on something better?….Like a RWD counterpart of the Aventador………..maybe.