Tokyo….Durrifftooo! Only two made!

Another Fast & Furious car is up for sale, although this isn’t one of Paul’s rides its the car that made Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift worth watching….well also the girls in the movie.



The car that is up for sale is the Nissan 350z that DK drove. Obviously this is my opinion, but a large portion of my friends that love the movie franchise agree that if it wasn’t for this DK’s Z, Han’s RX-7, girls, and action scenes…the movie would have failed. Sort of like Jurrassic World, horrible acting but great story line, dinosaurs, and action, which is what people want to see.


You can find it at, good luck. A side note you should know about is that there are only 2/11 from the movie that recieved the APS Twin-Turbo–a discontinued product. If I had 6-figures somewhere I would take a swoop at it.




The Rising Sun’s Purist Machines….following Euro Trends!?


The largest North American Auto Show is happening this weekend, compiling new models that were released at the International Auto Show in Detroit to brand new concepts that are being conjured up.


One concept that hasn’t caught me by surprise is Nissans 370z Nismo model. Last year it got a revision around the same time as the Nissan GTR with its first ever automatic option. Now they released a new “concept” of a convertible version focused with the automatic transmission. Anyways, I saw this coming a mile away as its a current trend with Euro models to make as many derivatives of their cars; just look at the M4 and M6 line up.


The shift in Nissans executive structure might have an influence in the international decisions of their line ups, but I’m very surprised that this was even an option. I believe the Z replacement is long overdue and Nissan is trying to see what consumers would like in the next Z. Especially since the base 370z looked too dull until the Nismo edition came out.


May this be the case, the Nismo 370z is supposed to be a “track ready car”, I think Nismo and Nissan can do better to make it more competitive with other models such as the upcoming M2, Subaru STI, and dare I say Porsche Cayman S. Whats stopping me from spending an extra 5-25k for some of these other models, besides reliability.


Its supposed to be track focused, so why don’t they refine and shape the vehicle on what truly makes a great track/enthusiast car. Give it a significant diet, add more power and torque, and more custom options. Japanese auto makers have always made great manual gearboxes and I hope Nissan continues to do so. The sad news is that this car is a cost savings sports car, it shares so many parts with other Nissan line ups (Q50/G37) that a significant change to the Nismo edition could add costs in manufacturing, which isn’t a “profitable” move.


Anyways I might also be biased, but I really think Nissan can get this right. With the upcoming Z most likely being a turbo I4, it will have to work even harder against its current competition and others that have been working that market for quite a while now.

Top 6 Japanese Tuners: #2 Mine’s

Simple, Beautiful, & Fast

That is the philosophy of Mine’s

Michizo Niikura opened the doors of his beloved company around 1985, to establish this philosophy of building daily street cars with the ability to be used on the track as well. I honestly believe their cars are works of art. So simple yet unique; their modifications aren’t too over the top yet they excel for the purpose they were built for. Niikura-san is a very confident man in his products, but is not quick to boast on the quality and achievement of his vehicles, he instead wants the driver to feel that experience. My favorite build from them is the BNR34, such a quick and agile machine that isn’t too heavily tuned that you can’t drive it every day.



I enjoy seeing these cars on videos such as best motoring as well as on gaming platforms like GT5. It seems that they focus more on what parts are restricting the production model of the car and build from there. I know that might seem trivial  but most tuners also change the exterior dramatically to achieve this where Mine’s doesn’t focus on the exterior until internal components are accomplished. Its very important to understand how to improve the quality and power of the car, without having to remove/modify most of its components in order for it to be compatible on the street.


Mines gtr


Seriously check these guys out, they provide simple upgrades to your ride producing outstanding performance. Although the upgrades might set you back, it will be worth the investment for you to build a quality ride with quality parts that won’t cause major damage to your engine.