Tokyo….Durrifftooo! Only two made!

Another Fast & Furious car is up for sale, although this isn’t one of Paul’s rides its the car that made Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift worth watching….well also the girls in the movie.



The car that is up for sale is the Nissan 350z that DK drove. Obviously this is my opinion, but a large portion of my friends that love the movie franchise agree that if it wasn’t for this DK’s Z, Han’s RX-7, girls, and action scenes…the movie would have failed. Sort of like Jurrassic World, horrible acting but great story line, dinosaurs, and action, which is what people want to see.


You can find it at, good luck. A side note you should know about is that there are only 2/11 from the movie that recieved the APS Twin-Turbo–a discontinued product. If I had 6-figures somewhere I would take a swoop at it.




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