STāSIS Supercharged R8


(Okay, Okay I know there have been some accusations of fraudulence to the company in the past, but I just want to talk about this car)

Texas Auto Online has a supercharged R8 made by the great Audi tuning company STāSIS. If you have a little bit of change and didn’t throw all your money in the Chinese market, then pick up this drop top R8. Plus its a manual V10!! As you know the V10 is shared with Lamborghini’s Gallardo…now Huracan. Unfortunately sales of the 6-speed were so low that engineers said there wasn’t a point in developing a manual transmission for the Huracan so most likely the new R8 V10 will follow this path.




Anyways check it out and buy it if you have a chance! The car should be pushing upwards of 710 HP & 523 lb*ft of torque, 0-60 time reaches around 3.1 seconds, and lateral and brake G forces should have improved. Here’s the link:




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