2011 Liberty Walk Porsche

Check this out, there is a Liberty Walk Porsche 911 Turbo for sale. I love the old school Porsche look it has, but the PDK is not my taste, well I probably can’t afford the $155,000 price tag now anyways so….


If you haven’t heard about Liberty Walk chances are you either aren’t into the tuner scene, hate the idea of “ruining” classic cars or don’t have an interest in moding your $250,000 plus car. Being created by none other than Wataru Kato from Japan, his technique makes a statement that could give your grandmamma a heart attack from just looking at the works of art he creates. Summed up perfectly in an article by SPEEDHUNTERS, Kato-san likes to “tamper with perfection.”  With more than twenty years in the industry this company is similar to Akira Nakai’s RWB Porsche tuning company, with similarities in widebody tuning.


Anyways, the LBW widebody kit extends this Porsche Turbo to a wider stance than ever before. If you’ve seen most of the modern Turbos, they are incredibly wide right out of the factory, so pushing this even further is definitely questionable. This Porsche might be hard to sell as its bespoke and will be a car that meets the requirements of a select few. If I had the cash and it had a 6-speed/7-speed manual, I would have definitely written out the check!



Lambo Cayenne

Is it just me or does the Urus look exactly the same as the Cayenne. It seems to me that just as the Aventador; Lambroghini got to design the car, but Volks/Audi/Porsche do the rest. In my opinion there was no need for this, even though Lamborghini has done an SUV project before. This project seems the same as a BMW enthusiast who wants a wagon 5-series in manual transmission to be produced in the U.S., but BMW wouldn’t do that for the mere 20-30 people who would buy it. However, in Lamborghini’s case, the buyers “usually” have deeper pockets and may also be investors in the company.



Seems to me that Lamborghini’s’ are continually being watered down and not representing “Ferrari’s evil twin” like they did in past models. Even the former hosts of Top Gear having given comment about this change in Lamborghini, saying that it, Lamborghini, “should be making cars, they want to make not cars that will make them a few extra $$.” So why waste time on this project, when they could focus on something better?….Like a RWD counterpart of the Aventador………..maybe.



GT5 .10 Days Left: A License to kill for.

The most annoying thing for GT fans are the licensing restrictions that have plagued us for years. The big three in the automobile simulation industry are Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, and Forza. They each have their own pluses and minuses however the most annoying trend especially for Gran Turismo is licensing of certain car manufacturers.


Gran Turismo’s influence on the automobile industry is apparent and its obvious car manufactures wouldn’t mind tag teaming with them or its competitors to further promote their cars and brand. Brands that have yet to come on GT are Porsche, Koneigsegg, and others. Porsche has always been on the list, but with their exclusive contract with EA, dollar signs and rules appear which restrict GT5 from using any Porsche models. This also happened in Forza 4, just as Forza was becoming more and more popular the contract with EA obviously got pricey (in my opinion) and had to use 2 RUF models instead. They did offer a download of the previous Porsche’s that were on before, however you had to pay $14.99+ to get the pack (WTF).

2010 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

This also goes with Ferrari which partners with Turn 10 and Nissan with Polyphony, however these partnerships aren’t as ridiculous as Porsche and EA. It gets frustrating with all these monopoly’s, but I guess it makes people want to buy other games since they have different cars. Whatever the case it frustrates and annoys me whenever I see a car I want to drive on a different game and only exclusive for a system I don’t have, I can’t afford a PS4 and Xbox One!

Pretty 2012

#1 Ruf CTR3 Clubsport

Well bringing in the new year is the Ruf CTR3 Clubsport. I’ve always loved RUF creations and this one looks amazing and sounds even better when you actually see one in front of you. This car seemed to be RUF telling Porsche to come out with a new super car as soon as possible. It looks amazing especially in orange and black, I literally can’t say anything else except the feeling that I’m in a state of euphoria when I look at this car. 

Engine: 3.8L F6 Twin Turbo

Power&Torque: 740hp & 708 ft*lbs

0-60: 3.2 sec

Top Speed: 236 mph

Price: $420,000

Tires: F255/35 (19) & R335/30 (20)


original RUF-CTR-3-Clubsport_1 RUF-CTR-3-Clubsport_3 RUF-CTR-3-Clubsport_8

Pretty 2012

#7 2012 GT3 RS 4.0

Engine: 4.0L I6 ( DOHC 24-valve flat-6)

Power&Torque: 500 hp/ 339 lb-ft

0-60: 3.6 sec

Top Speed: 193 mph

Price: ~$190,000

Well one of my favorite editions of the 997 Porsche’s are the GT2 and GT3 models. They look so good and are meant for the track, although you can also use them for daily driving. I think that’s one of the things I commend Porsche on is how they make supercars that are obtainable and can also be used in most everyday situations. This car comes with components from the RSR race version of the GT3 models and is packed with a 4.0L straight six engine tucked nicely behind its bum. Only 600 copies are to be produced all fixed with an only manual transmission :).

2012-porsche-911-gt3-rs-40-interior-photo-400133-s-1280x782 2012-porsche-911-gt3-rs-40-photo-400128-s-1280x782 2012-porsche-911-gt3-rs-40-photo-400129-s-1280x782 2012-porsche-911-gt3-rs-40-photo-400132-s-1280x782