BMW Ferrari Red

Posted via forums by E92doc. He shows a new purchase made by his wife, of a new BMW M3 F80! Well not just any regular F80 M3, this one was painted red…well not just any red, but Ferrari Red! Packaged with everything else, but not retaining the manual transmission; it looks hot! Love the color, but would I spend 100k on an M3/M4!?! Personally no, I would try and get a BMW M4 GTS, unless this will be the car I’d keep for the rest of my life.



Make me…………unique and one of a kind.

A little nip here and tuck there! The current trend hitting mass produced performance machines is more individualized and unique options to chose from on-site at the dealer/manufacturer. I talked about this with Damlier-Chrysler–I’ll just say Chrysler–giving more personalization options for Viper owners who want to make their cars “special”, instead of picking between 6-9 options for the colour they want.


Prior to this, Toyota’s Scion group and ultra performance cars such as Aston Martins were the select few that had a complete customization package on the car you would like to receive when it rolls out of the manufacturers lot. Where most performance cars had basic options, i.e. sports exhaust system, front aero lip, spoilers, carbon interior, etc. This gives tuners more options to choose from when purchasing from the dealer, without worrying about voiding a warranty and it also gives another incentive to consumers who are shopping for a new ride and want something unique.


So check this awesome looking 1 of 12 M4’s. Its custom made by the ///M Owners Club of Indonesia (MOCI). Its pretty cool in yellow. Even though its one of 12; 12 of the cars made will be in Indonesia, I believe………..personally I’d be annoyed if another club member pulled up at the coffee shop in the…SAME….EXACT….RIDE…..!

Why no 6-speed?



(Pictures from Bimmerpost)

Exclusive, Crazii Colours for Performance cars.

These colors are exclusive to the Top of the line models or specific to only one model in the whole line up.

1. 2015 RS5: Sepang Blue and Panther Black. The Panther Black is more expensive costing ~$1075.00 (90k+ shillings) vs $550 for SEEEPPAANNNGG! I like the Sepang better, the Black looks like the GTR V-spec pearl color



2. 2015 M3/M4: Sakhir Orange, Yas Marina Blue, Austin Yellow.




3. SRT Viper GTC: 1 of 1. In order for the Viper to remain relevant it needs to keep itself in the spotlight. Besides dropping a few $$ on the Viper a new custom workshop, just like Bugatti Veyron’s go through will be available to public pockets in the coming months. This is quite interesting.