Tommy Kaira: Rowen Corvette

Japanese tuner Rowen by Tommy Kaira is getting fancy with an American beast. This is surprising to see a Japanese tuning company working with American muscle. Goes to show that interest is coming to these cars as they are refined to appeal not only to American buyers, but the international community.



Top 6 Japanese Tuners: #6 Tommy Kaira

This is my Top Six in the Japanese Tuner line, I’m not going to focus on the in house brands such as NISMO or TRD.

Most people who know of this tuning company is from Gran Turismo or Forza, well at least that’s how I got to know of them. They had  custom production models called the ZZI and ZZII, where the latter wasn’t as famous as the ZZII. The ZZII was an affordable super car ($90,000) with a tuned RB26DETT engine mounted at the rear. As far as I know this tuning company isn’t well known in the states except by people who have played GT or JDM tuners who really know their stuff._IGP3583_800


Tommy Kaira was first named Tomita Dream Factory then changed to Tommy Kaira after its founders Yoshikazu Tomita and Kikuo Kaira. They don’t only focus on JDM vehicles, but also Euro vehicles like R8 and the Z4, their sub-brand called Rowen handles the production of the European Vehicles. The reason why I love this brand so much is because they produce a distinct and innovative product that no one else has, such as the Silver Wolf GTR (pictured Above). I’m in LOVE! So check them out, great quality products!

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