DB10 Manual Transmission in James Bond: Spectre


I can’t believe such a limited and specific car from a high performance luxury brand would make the car in a manual transmission; well at least that’s what it looks like in the video. Aston Martins powerful V12¬†used to be¬†matted to a manual transmission and last time that was seen in James Bond was the DBS in Casino Royale. The last car to have it was the V12 Vantage. However, I’m unsure if this car will have a v8, turbo v8, or v12. However, I’m glad to see the filmmakers convinced Aston to build this car, hopefully it will make innovators realize the digital/non-mechanical movement in cars isn’t all that great.


Aston to Geneva

With the Geneva Auto Show coming up I’m very surprised by Aston Martin pushing another tuned/track version of its Vantage line. Out of all the current Aston’s I’ve always loved the Vantage; especially when they coupled it with the V12 from the DB9.


This new version will be called the GT3 and will mimic their Gran Touring cars. It looks as though it will be street legal and might “compete” with Porsches famed track ready superstar the…..GT3….. Even though I’m not too sure on the design, mostly on the choice of the rear spoiler, I’m glad this Aston is still being reworked in multiple ways…..hopefully they will keep the manual transmission in the Vantage line up too.