All Gold Everything?!!

If some variation of the color “gold” is your thing, then the 2016 45th Anniversary GTR is the right car for you. Celebrating one of Nippon’s famous automobiles in the world this GTR comes kitted with: 1) “Gold” exterior color reminiscent of the R34 Skyline GTR, 2) Special Badging in the interior and engine bay, 3) 2016 GTR premium package. This is more of a collectors item as the Nissan gets ready to either end the GTR line or continue on to the R36 GTR. My obvious assumption is the latter as the GTR has been very successful and is very popular. This is a limited production that most likely won’t exceed 100 units worldwide, with 45 confirmed for Japan and 30 to North America.



Gold GTR


If this doesn’t tickle your fancy then here’s another GTR option. If you are from the states and have been oogling at the N-attack Nismo GTR, then this is your year. Before the NISMO GTR was released, we saw it swinging around the Nurburgring with a huge wing on its back. As Japan got its hands on the NISMO GTR we were surprised to find a less dramatic wing on its back and it seemed a bit “watered” down. This made me feel the same way as when they re-moded the NISMO 370z for the third time and took off its dramatic wing and adding an automatic; sad and confused at NISMO’s new direction.However, as I read more, Japanese NISMO owners were also given the option to mod their NISMO GTR’s with the N-attack package and its finally time for North American owners to get the same option.

Stillen Motorsports is the official installer of Nissan/NISMO for the N-attack packages; not sure why they didn’t pick select dealerships by region instead. Although  Japanese are known for teaching and training a small group vs large groups on special craftsmanship, so I’m not surprised they picked a smaller aftermarket tuner. Anyways, if you have a NISMO GTR, hurry up and get this package as it will also be a limited commodity as well.

N-attack Package

N-attack Package



N-attack Package

N-attack Package




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