The NSX revealed (Acura).

(Pictures are from Autoblog)

Looks like today is the official release for the NSX reviews. The internet has been buzzing as reviewers post their comments on the car. The car had been sighted at various locations and has had hiccups due to engine reconfigurations. However it seems that finally Honda/Acura have given the release on a production NSX that will be available spring of 2016.



I’m already over this model, all I can now wait for is the NSX Type-R if they ever make one for the “Acura” brand. It also looks like the GTR is finally getting the N-attack package released in North America. I loved the look of this package much more than the NISMO edition. I can’t wait to see it on GTR’s here in the states.


All we need now is the Supra to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show.


New Japanese Super Cars….are here!

So We have the LFA and GTR already prowling the streets. The GTR is getting older, but holding strong. On the other hand all LFA’s have been ordered and are being built so besides any other special editions….the GTR is left to hold it for Japan. Luckily Honda has been closely watching.

Although they scrapped the V-10 NSX, Honda came back with an awesome looking hybrid-6. More and more Honda/Acura models are getting updates that closely resemble the upcoming Japanese supercar. It will be an amazing day to finally see what Honda has to compete not only with the GTR, but Ferraris and Lambos.

Toyota has also been closely watching as the hype they got from the LFA was alright, but what really pushed them is the attention from the “HachiRoku” and the F-line models from Lexus. Toyota left the sports car line a long time ago (it seems); almost 12 years ago with the Supra and 9 years ago with the Celica and MR-2. After they left all we got were concepts, hype, rumors, and hybrids that still hurt the earth, but make Nor-Cals think they are saving the earth. Blah-blah-blah….CEO of Development wanted Supra replacement…blah blah…Detroit will show future Supra….blah blah…good news Toyota revealed the FT-1,which gives a peak on something cooking in the oven. With the new RC-F I definitely believe the Supra is coming back.

Gran Turismo 6 ??????????????