Rebirth and destruction: NSX

The Honda (Acura) NSX finally has a production model scheduled and showing on January 2015 at the North American Detroit Motor Show. Also in this release is an update for the “baby” Acura, the ILX, “replacement” of the RSX (Integra), which has been out-of-production for almost eight years. I seriously can’t believe how old I am now.


Anyways the rebirth of the NSX was something we have been waiting for. The Japanese sports car era of the 90’s came to a sudden halt, mostly because of a move to create an efficient vehicle portfolio. Toyota was the forefront runner and really hasn’t released a sport coupe model for nearly 12 years; not considering the Scion brand . As for Honda, they kept dipping their toes with the NSX. Previously the NSX was to sport a V10, however that was scrapped and the V10’s were put in HSV racing cars. Honda however still had the S2000 till 2010, and the Si and Type-R civics were still hot commodities. Nissan was the only company to truly have a high-performance supercar, until the LFA triggered a stampede to other manufacturers.


With the rebirth there is also destruction, and that’s with the last manual tranny in the Acura group. The ILX is the last to get its LED eyes to welcome the NSX and that goes with dropping the manual transmission to an 8-speed auto. This is due to sales and interest, which really doesn’t surprise me as Lexus did the same thing. The styling doesn’t really prompt a sporty feel as the RSX did, however it does have sharp lines. Honestly I’ve never been asked what transmission I would like when going to buy a car. Usually if the car has a manual the sales guy/gal will say, “now this only comes in a manual” or “this one has a manual, but we can try and find one without to match your needs.” Its never the opposite with current automatics.


Its been too long for the NSX and although I would have hoped for a 6 or 7-speed manny on a V-10, seeing this innovative track car will be a day of reckoning for the GTR as well as BMW’s i8. The NSX should be turbo’d with a hybrid set-up. All-wheel drive as all Acuras are standard now wish the SH-AWD and it will be built in…….Ohio?!?



Proper Gear Boxes F-antastically Pure

The Jaguar F-type finally released in the 6-speed gear box for all models except the V8 R. It will also have a AWD option for some of the trims……..womp womp womp womp womp womp…..yea you guys already know all of this.


However its exciting because the E-type had a proper gear box and we aren’t so far into the future to let go of these amazing transmissions hooked up to superb cars. Its understandable why some manufacturers are opting for automatic transmissions, but as for me I don’t see why I would need to go 2.8 sec from 0-60 or even shift incredibly quick.


The only times I would find that imperative is during a track time attack or maybe just to show off in a straight line, however I still feel separated from the car and miss that emotion you get with a proper gear box.


Simply said, a manual forces you to get to know the car you’re driving in. You can’t just give up and switch manual transmission off, you have to be in the relationship for the long term or divorce the car…..that or the clutch will wear out within 10,000 miles!! Its also a good way to challenge yourself if you’ve never used a manual.

So challenge yourself in an attempt to step out of the automated world that says, computers do it better!


Bought from Bavarian Autosport, installed at Tim’s Custom Exhaust (Twin Cities)



CDV- extreme help with better clutch engagement (for M/T)

AFE Stage 2 – more air, more engine noise in cabin (during 2800+ rpms)


  1. Scorpion Exhaust (Wanted more engine noise/response/better flow):

a. Pros

  • Adds a needed/wanted grunt to the car.
  • Very subtle back fire (once broken in should sound a lot better; reminds me of the E46 M3’s meisterschaft exhaust).
  • Moderate performance increase.
  • Increased engine noise and response for M/T drivers.
  • Improved flow.

b. Cons

  • Cutting exhaust since it’s not a cat back (if you have warranty I would suggest getting a cat back): this means from the cats that are located at headers, not the secondary cats.
  • You feel your car yearning for more; the Germans built a performance engine, but definitely held it back.  It’s an engine that had potential, but was told she can’t get anywhere with a flat chest, unlike her N54 sister who had tig ol’bittys’.

2. Recommend to get a throttle tune or Re-Map because you’ll be so frustrated on how the stock ecu maps are holding back the car (if you weren’t already disappointed in the beginning). If you are going to get a re-map make sure you aren’t installing the 330i performance manifold in the near future (< 1 year) since you might have to have it re-mapped again. Also the M-tech rear bumper would match this well.


3. Paths you can take with Scorpion Exhaust

  • Cut and attach before the secondary cats (you’ll need to cut mid pipe and stock)
  • Take off whole exhaust and construct piping that will go from scorpion mid-section to headers. (so basically a full catback.)
  • Only install muffler (for those who want a different performance muffler)
  • Whatever custom work you want to do?

What to expect:

Overall the exhaust should fit from the muffler towards the mid pipes, however on the stock exhaust the piping with the resonator is slightly dented on the top to prevent the exhaust from pressing on the heat shield that protects the driveshaft. If the exhaust presses on this, you will hear the weights on the drive shaft hit the heat shield. This can be easily fixed in a couple of different ways: 1) denting new exhaust in similar manor as stock exhaust, 2) “shift/dent/move” the heat shield slightly lower so it isn’t coming into contact with the driveshaft, 3) use your judgment on how to approach it, I’m probably making it sound more difficult than it is.

Z28…All Attention, Front and Center.

This awesome car has been getting a lot of publicity, especially for those crazy wide tires that are directed in the front!! 305mm in the front and rear…..Jezzuz.


If you’re still not convinced that isn’t wide for a street legal car, here are some other exotic car comparisons:

* 99′ Diablo GT – 245F/335R

* 12′ Aventador – 255F/335R

* 06′ Koenigsegg CCX – 255F/335R

* 09′ Vette ZR1 – 285F/335R

*06′ Bugatti Veyron – 265F/365R


Most production models don’t even come close to having a width of tire close to that of the Camaro’s front tires except its cousin, the top Corvette ZR1 (C6) model. If you thought that Chevy was done with their surprises, you’re mistaken. They plan on revealing their new ZR1 model in 2015-2016, which will be introduced as a mid-engined V8……..will Ford answer with a return of their supercar.

2014-camaro-z28-launched-with-70l-ls7-engine-photo-gallery_7 2014-Chevrolet-Camaro-Z28-taillight chevrolet_camaro_z28_2014-HD (1)

Product Review: 3M Paint Defender Spray Film

Product: 3M Paint Defender Spray Film

Umbrella: Automotive

Cost: Relatively low


  1. Lower price – than film applications that are more than 12 times the cost of it
  2. Quick spray protectant – don’t have to tango with putting on a protectant piece uniformly.
  3. Removable Film – you can remove whenever you want, and not worry about spending another $500+
  4. 3M product


  1. Spray on Film – it’s like paint; you don’t want anything landing or rubbing on it as its drying, if that happens, you’ll have to start over.
  2. Matte Gloss like layer – on darker cars the film produces a sort of Matte “gloss” appearance.
  3. Durability – the $400 – $600 protectant films are thicker and can stop chipping from rocks on highways. This film can protect the paint from bugs and minor rocks that come into contact with your protected parts at low speeds, but be careful on highways especially behind lorries.
    1. Avoid high-pressure washers or using a high pressure hose directly on a protected part, this may cause it to “tear”.
  4. Results are subjective – I’ve seen complaints on reviews on how this product hasn’t been up to par as most 3M products. I believe the main reason behind this is how it was applied. If your car isn’t coming brand new < 1500 miles from a dealership, then make sure you give the part being protected a full detail (i.e. wash, clay, compound, and wax). This will give the film a canvas with fewer impurities to adhere to. I’ve used this product 5 times and results are accurate and precise.


  • Overall this product ita kula tatu na nusu ya tano (3.5/5). Score means it’s a good product.
  • Recommend it to drivers who don’t tail gate and have custom bumpers on their cars or can’t find film protectants for their cars.
  • Take the time to cover all parts that won’t be treated, this will save you time when it comes to apply or remove the film.
  • If washing your car means taking it through an auto car wash, I would stick to the more expensive adhesive film protectants.
  • If you spray too much don’t try and wipe it off.

A Wimpering Dog……..Who Can’t Find His Friend.

Just like Ying + Yang, the moon and the sun, or leaves and butts; they all go together. Its sad to hear that the rivalry between two great automobiles might be ending. The two I’m talking about are the Mitsubishi Evolution (Evo) and the Subaru Impreza WRX STi (STi). These two have been going head to head ever since the rally days and forged enthusiasts and die hard fans with their on going war. Both cars equally having phenomenal performance specs; making fans strain when deciding which is the better of the two.


In the background one was clearly taking a lead. Subaru as a company was doing well in sales especially on their Outbacks, Legacy, and Impreza models. On the other hand Mitsubishi hasn’t seen good sales records in their automobiles in a while (especially in U.S. markets), making it more difficult for the company to produce the high performance sedan or reviving the 3000GT (GTO). However an improved Lancer has been released in Malaysia, so who knows!

2015-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-03 2015-Subaru-WRX-STI

Long story short this famous battle may be over, leaving the Subaru to prowl the streets sadly by itself. na peke yake.


Viper Week: Rebirth of the Manual

This awesome meaty car is the topic of the week. SRT is doing something similar to what hybrids are trying to do; finding ways to save a cherished possession. Hybrids are finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint by synthesizing fuel alternatives in technology with our current combustion engines. The Viper is trying to show that all cars that are 400+ in HP don’t all need to have, I’ll put it in short…..automatic gearboxes.


Call it whatever you want if its not stick its an automatic. As the world gets more and more hypnotized by automation and computer programmed devices; we also want our day to day activities to be less “mechanical.” Think about it: TV’s, Video Games, Cell Phones, Finances, and worst of all communication. People are getting so used to writing or searching something on a computer to learn, communicate to someone, transfer finances, or other mischievous behavior. As the old saying goes….”For Every Good, There is An Evil.” The evil is that we are getting more dependent on having computers think for us. Think about the Book of Eli!


However this section is about the Viper and that other stuff can be left for another day. The Viper wants drivers to be in-sync with the road, himself/herself, and the car. However our world is moving toward a “quicker way of doing things.” We want our cars to be instantaneously fast, while we are on our bluetooths or cell phones. We want our cars to unlock and start in close proximity so we don’t have to look for our keys and push a button that will unlock our car and put that key in to start the ignition. We also want wi-fi in our cars so we can check email…… know where I’m going with this.

This problem in automation is where a gap is met with the Viper and its rival markets from Lamborghini to Porsche to Chevrolet. They have all made a change in either riding off  any option of manual transmissions or have only fitted them in a few select cars. I feel the main reason being is that these automatic gear boxes are far more promoted by car companies than manuals and also people want the “quicker” 0-60 option so they can beat that guy trying to pass him. We know computers can do some things faster, but do we have to give up an essential part of car and driver feedback for them? SRT doesn’t think we need to. I don’t think so either, but I feel that they need to incorporate automated shifting to the mix. Just like Nissan has done with their 370z, there has to be a way for engineers to have a car with a manual, yet still be able to disengage to be put in an “automatic” mode.


As far as a increase in automatic being gender specific; I feel that it depends greatly on where the market is being pushed.  I think age specific would be more appropriate for super cars since buyers are usually 40-50+ unless you are a Google baby.

Put an X on it!

As Honda/Acura get ready to reveal the NSX we can see current line ups getting updated to welcome their flag-ship super car back. In the U.S. all the Acura models are getting rebranded with an X and the last car before the big reveal of the NSX will be the TL. I know I’ve talked about this already, but come on its the NSX ya’ll! HEEE magari vizuri!

The 2015 Acura TLX Prototype NSX-concept