Proper Gear Boxes F-antastically Pure

The Jaguar F-type finally released in the 6-speed gear box for all models except the V8 R. It will also have a AWD option for some of the trims……..womp womp womp womp womp womp…..yea you guys already know all of this.


However its exciting because the E-type had a proper gear box and we aren’t so far into the future to let go of these amazing transmissions hooked up to superb cars. Its understandable why some manufacturers are opting for automatic transmissions, but as for me I don’t see why I would need to go 2.8 sec from 0-60 or even shift incredibly quick.


The only times I would find that imperative is during a track time attack or maybe just to show off in a straight line, however I still feel separated from the car and miss that emotion you get with a proper gear box.


Simply said, a manual forces you to get to know the car you’re driving in. You can’t just give up and switch manual transmission off, you have to be in the relationship for the long term or divorce the car…..that or the clutch will wear out within 10,000 miles!! Its also a good way to challenge yourself if you’ve never used a manual.

So challenge yourself in an attempt to step out of the automated world that says, computers do it better!


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