Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6


GT6 .15 Days Left. Forza 5 is here go get it!

With the Xbox One released and two direct competitors of GT6 are out already. The titles are Forza 5 and Need for Speed Rivals. I love these titles and I’m excited for more competition given to GT6. I enjoy seeing the friendly competition between Forza and GT6 that helps these makers exhaust all avenues of being an actual driving simulator. I stilll hold GT6 in the top for realism, accuracy, and detail I’ve never seen a racing game since EA’s Needs for Speed: High Stakes being so critical in these 3 points.

Forza lacks the 3 points mentioned before, but you cannot beat the fun factor it gives. I love the togue runs, tuning capabilities, and car selections. Gran Turismo spends a lot of time on detail and modeling their premium cars (fully detailed in game car with interior view, design, etc), however it sometimes leaves you feeling sad on how they spent time making a Toyota Prius a premium and not the MKIV Toyota Supra….or something else besides a Prius or Leaf lol. Forza comes in and actually gives you sports cars throughout all price ranges that won’t leave you feeling as if they shouldn’t have placed this car in the game.

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Forza 5 looks like it should be amazing however I don’t like how you end up paying another $60-70 dollars for additional car and track packages, its such a ridiculous Xbox greed pile.

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