2011 Liberty Walk Porsche

Check this out, there is a Liberty Walk Porsche 911 Turbo for sale. I love the old school Porsche look it has, but the PDK is not my taste, well I probably can’t afford the $155,000 price tag now anyways so….


If you haven’t heard about Liberty Walk chances are you either aren’t into the tuner scene, hate the idea of “ruining” classic cars or don’t have an interest in moding your $250,000 plus car. Being created by none other than Wataru Kato from Japan, his technique makes a statement that could give your grandmamma a heart attack from just looking at the works of art he creates. Summed up perfectly in an article by SPEEDHUNTERS, Kato-san likes to “tamper with perfection.”  With more than twenty years in the industry this company is similar to Akira Nakai’s RWB Porsche tuning company, with similarities in widebody tuning.


Anyways, the LBW widebody kit extends this Porsche Turbo to a wider stance than ever before. If you’ve seen most of the modern Turbos, they are incredibly wide right out of the factory, so pushing this even further is definitely questionable. This Porsche might be hard to sell as its bespoke and will be a car that meets the requirements of a select few. If I had the cash and it had a 6-speed/7-speed manual, I would have definitely written out the check!