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Pretty 2012

#6 Gemballa GT McLaren MP4-12c

adding aggression

This was the dose of medicine that McLaren’s new super car needed. In all honesty the F1 looked perfect and performed well, as for its brother it has everything you would expect from McLaren, but greatly lacked in individuality. A perfect example was during a cars and coffee event; myself and other car enthusiasts didn’t even notice the McLaren besides the LFA–which was flooded with attention–until the owner started its engine and left. I felt sad cause I like the car, but knew why I didn’t even notice it was there! The name even lacks identity. Anyways Gemballa tries to revive it with this new 2012 package they offer; includes new aero-kit, outer and exterior accessories. Also look out for the spider edition, it looks much better. Oh and one last thing, I’m glad Gemballa got revived as well I always loved them!

Engine: V8 Twin Turbo

Power & Torque: 608BHP/ 442.5 ft*lbs

0-60: 2.9

Top Speed: 205 mph

Price: $241,800 (kit~30,000k+)

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