The X5 & Durango…….Cousins? or Maybe Brother from another Father?

The 2014+ BMW X5’s don’t look as intriguing or innovative in design as the past model did. This new design is quite dull and doesn’t have as much curvature as the previous one. It looks like the focus is in giving the car more straight and sharp lines in this new model as well as current FXX chassis models. 2014-bmw-x5-xdrive35i-photo-592072-s-986x603 2014-bmw-x5-xdrive35i-photo-592078-s-986x603 BMW-X5-E70-002 BMW-X5-E70-005 Looking at this vehicle closer, you might notice similarities with another competitors SUV, this SUV is the Daimler-Chrysler partnerships Durango. Okay, maybe I’m loosing my mind, but I definitely thought of the Durango the minute I saw this X5………I’m not crazy I swear. 2016-Dodge-Durango-rear-view rzt_3197


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