Pretty 2012

#3 Mercedes SLS Hamann Hawk

Here it is, numero tres…namba tatu! The SLS Roadster Hawk edition by Hamann a famous European tuning company. There are a lot of company’s who have given wonderful tuning options for this car and this is one of my favorite. Although I wouldn’t remove the mercedes emblem; the car is strikingly beautiful with modifications that give the SLS an even more aggressive stance then it had before. Modifications made to the car are a remapped ECU, new exhaust system, slightly lower height, 245F/345R, and a redesigned interior. Pics are from Luxatic!

Engine: 6.3L V8

Power&Torque: 628 Hp (from 563Hp)& 480ft lb

0-60: 3.6 sec

Top Speed: 199 mph

Price: $206,000 (stock); Hammann kit ($$25,000+)

Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-2-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-8-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-10-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-13-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-15-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-21-1024x680 Hamann-Hawk-Roadster-Mercedes-SLS-AMG-24-1024x680