Nur 24hr 2014

Get Ready the big racing event is here after Le Mans we move to the Nur!!



Upgrade Me!

NϋR Package for those who want to go crazy on the circuit…

  • Front Splitter Spoiler
  • Front Canards
  • Permanent Spoiler: reinforced with an Aluminum frame
  • Add $95K more
  • 0.5’s faster with 10+ bhp
  • Lighter parts and more rigid frame (wheels etc)

So the NϋR package comes with its own distinct additions, but with a limited production of 50 Toyota offers other exclusive additions with this package. Such as instructional sessions on the Nurburgring itself, lodging, free entrance for a limited time, and other goods. Hopefully they have a LFA at the track all the time, because it wouldn’t do any good to ship your car there. (pictured below are standard and Nur)

lfa-nurburgring-edition-9-1920 Lexus_LFA_006

Pretty 2012

#15 Lexus LFA NUR

Love this ride, the sound of it and the beauty of Japanese engineering. The NUR edition of the LFA is for someone who wants a road and track car–as if it already isn’t–to use. With a package deal of revised tweeks to the engine as well as new wheels, carbon fiber canards, permanent spoiler, and suspension upgrades this ride is still looking good as it rolled out in 2012. Besides the Porsche Carrera GT and Pagani Cinque its one of the best sounding cars I’ve heard so far.