Upgrade Me!

NϋR Package for those who want to go crazy on the circuit…

  • Front Splitter Spoiler
  • Front Canards
  • Permanent Spoiler: reinforced with an Aluminum frame
  • Add $95K more
  • 0.5’s faster with 10+ bhp
  • Lighter parts and more rigid frame (wheels etc)

So the NϋR package comes with its own distinct additions, but with a limited production of 50 Toyota offers other exclusive additions with this package. Such as instructional sessions on the Nurburgring itself, lodging, free entrance for a limited time, and other goods. Hopefully they have a LFA at the track all the time, because it wouldn’t do any good to ship your car there. (pictured below are standard and Nur)

lfa-nurburgring-edition-9-1920 Lexus_LFA_006


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