Top 6 Japanese Tuners: #4 Spoon

Giving Honda Fans a place to go

Here we go, Spoon Motorsports  I swear all these tuner companys that I know and have grown to respect started out with Gran Turismo. In the case for spoon it was the  well known yellow and blue S2000, which has been further improved as the company’s R&D team keeps doing more work on it. Spoon along with Mugen (more of a honda in house brand) help bring multiple tuning upgrades for Honda owners. Whether it may be the CR-X,  Civic, or Accord these two tuning companies bring out the capability and potential of the VTEC engines. 

STsun-3044308998835_361e6b0528_o Ichishima Tatsuru started the company in 1988, with a concept of bringing together cars with impeccable technology and power, but also being able to be driven during daily activities. The superb thing about this company are the products they offer for their customers. I can’t think of many company’s that offer engines that have been built as an item for sale, usually they will build from the platform you bring to them, but a personally built engine for sale is beyond me. At around 2000-2001, Spoon decided to open up Type One auto shop to help tune their customers cars and assist them with their everyday needs–only Honda customers–instead of just offering products made by them.
htup_0803_03_z+spoon_sport_honda_s2000_demo_car+rear_view htup_0803_04_z+spoon_sport_honda_s2000_demo_car+fully_built_f20c_yellow_valve_cover htup_0803_28_z+spoon_sport_honda_s2000_demo_car+fully_built_f20c_valvetrain_springs_retainers_valves Tatsuru-san is a very confident man on what his brand stands for and the quality of the products. Watching the Hot Version and Import Bible episodes, you can tell he has a very cocky attitude about his company. At first I didn’t like the attitude he carried around, but then warmed up to it because its important to have someone who is confident on what they produce and accept criticism to some degree. So check out Spoon Sports, :p.htup-0905-01-o+spoon-sports-NA1-acura-NSX+spoon-front-bumper htup-0905-14-o+spoon-sports-NA1-acura-NSX+spoon-GT-rear-bumper

ek9-type-r-whiteSpoon_Sports_Civic_EK9_EK4_CTR_SiR type one honda

Top 6 Japanese Tuners: #6 Tommy Kaira

This is my Top Six in the Japanese Tuner line, I’m not going to focus on the in house brands such as NISMO or TRD.

Most people who know of this tuning company is from Gran Turismo or Forza, well at least that’s how I got to know of them. They had  custom production models called the ZZI and ZZII, where the latter wasn’t as famous as the ZZII. The ZZII was an affordable super car ($90,000) with a tuned RB26DETT engine mounted at the rear. As far as I know this tuning company isn’t well known in the states except by people who have played GT or JDM tuners who really know their stuff._IGP3583_800


Tommy Kaira was first named Tomita Dream Factory then changed to Tommy Kaira after its founders Yoshikazu Tomita and Kikuo Kaira. They don’t only focus on JDM vehicles, but also Euro vehicles like R8 and the Z4, their sub-brand called Rowen handles the production of the European Vehicles. The reason why I love this brand so much is because they produce a distinct and innovative product that no one else has, such as the Silver Wolf GTR (pictured Above). I’m in LOVE! So check them out, great quality products!

IMG_0400_mIMG_2404_800AS9C1283_800NSX-RR_Rear NEW_800BMW Z4_tilt_Rear_800