ADV.1 to make the week fly by…


bmw_335_adv5-2mv2sl_07 bmw_335_adv5-2mv2sl_18


From E to F

The new BMW models are making a hit, although I wasn’t sure about the look of the 3-series. Slowly, but surely I have begun to like it and can’t wait to see the coupe models in the showrooms (E92’s were just beautiful).

3 Series Offer: 328, 335, activehybrid3 

5 Series Offer: 528, 535, 550, M5

6 Series Offer: 640, 650, M6, grancoupe

(I personally don’t like the grancoupe offer, although it was bound to happen in order for them to compete with the new A7 from Audi and Benzs’ CLS class.)

7 Series Offer: 740, 750, 760, Activehybrid, Alpina B7

I haven’t been impressed with much of the trucks so far, and as far as the F20 (1 series) I loved it from the beginning until the destroyed the look with the new 1 series :(. As far as I can tell these updates to the current sedan and coupe models as well as the other SUV’s are to bring usher in their hybrid sports car that is coming right around the corner. I’m truly hoping this so called sports car will be more of a super car with hybrid capabilities, such as the Porsche 918 that’s replacing the Carrera GT. With a badging of i8 it better be faster than the M models unless they plan on an Mi8???