Event: Skyline Owner’s Battle – Sodegaura Forest Raceway V.1

Check it out Chiba Skyline Battle


This past weekend, the annual Skyline Owner’s Battle event was held at Sodegaura Forest Raceway, Chiba.  The name of the event has always been a little misleading however, because in actuality there are a huge variety of Nissan’s that participate in the event; all in sub-categories alongside another.  Also, other makes are welcome to join in as well.  I think that’s what makes this event so laid back, it’s basically a track day for Nissan enthusiasts.  Sekinei was on hand to grab some coverage of said variety.

私 の中の一年に一度の恒例行事、それは袖ヶ浦フォレストレースウェイで、走行会に参加する事、また知り合いや仲間の写真を撮る事が好きで、去年から参加し ています。やはりイベントの楽しみは、「全国から日産スポーツカーが集まって、走行会及びレースをする」と言うのと、Z仲間の秋の大運動会的なイベント で、普段見られない車や人がハッスルするので、色々な一面を見る事が出来る。

勿論スカイライン、R30、R31 R32 R33 R34と、ローレル、シルビア、180SX 等々




This R33 was pretty impressive with it’s unique aero package.  Notice the turned down muffler?  Quite a few of the entrants did this temporarily as Sodegaura has a decibel limitation…unfortunate.
Masuhara-san and friends joined in for the Fairlady segment of the event with his bright red, highway destroyer Z32.  This portion of the event is…

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