Company of the Week: ECS Tuning


Love this company, I’ve been buying Euro equipment from them for the past 3 years and I love dealing with them. Their web-page is can be navigated on easily and they provide accurate descriptions and images of the items they sell. This is very important when you can’t look at a product on-site.

I also can relate to the history of Andrew Demrovsky (founder of ECS) immigrating to a new country looking for freedom and prosperity:

“Trying to escape religious persecution and a corrupt political class, Andrew Demrovsky set his sights on United States of America and the American dream. The dream of religious and Economic freedom was the driving force to immigrate with his entire family to the USA. In 1959 Andrew Demrovsky came to the United States with a family, a few suitcases, and 500 dollars. His exceptional talent and rigorous training as a machinist in his home country had earned him a sponsorship to the U.S., provided by a manufacturing company in need of his unique skill set.

When he had honored the employment agreement with his sponsor, he opened a small, two-bay auto repair shop in Norton, Ohio, in 1962, and Euro-Car Service was born. With his young son (and namesake) assisting him, Andrew worked exclusively on Volkswagen vehicles at a time before VW had become an automotive icon. Soon, his reputation as a skilled, honest craftsman with old world standards and a total commitment to customer satisfaction enabled him to develop a loyal and growing list of patrons.”

Check them out especially for you Audi and Volks fan’s.


Pretty 2012

#4 Jaguar CX16 (F-type)

Well although Jaguar has given up on their super car, they still have a very aggressive and sporty coupe coming out next year. I’m glad Jaguar decided to go with this coupe which will be a good idea –if sales look good for them– to bring a super car back to their platform. The look is very different from many coupes and roadsters currently in the market so I’m excited to see how the roadster will do followed by the coupe that will be released after. The Ftype will have three varients (F type base, S, and V8 S), with a promising R-type coming a few years after its release

Engine: 3.0L V6 supercharged & 5.0L V8 Supercharged

Power& Torque: 340hp, 380hp, 495hp w/ 332, 339, 430 ft*lbs

0-60: 4.2 sec (V8)

Top Speed: 186 mph (V8)

Price: 62,000- 92,000Jaguar_F_Type_01 Jaguar_F_Type_03 Jaguar_F_Type_06 Jaguar_F_Type_08 Jaguar_F_Type_10