No Discrimination, is the Autowerke Way!

Mondays spotlight is on tuner company Active Autowerkes’. I’ve known about this company ever since I had my BMW E36 M3 and loved seeing their products, especially the E92 M3’s they have tuned. Tuner companies have a way of taking stock cars and bringing out the performance and highest potential of them. The vast and innovative ways they do this is amazes me by how many different directions a car can be taken.


Usually the stock production cars taken for tuning are the highest performing or ones with the most “potential”. In the case of a E92 BMW 328i vs a 335i, the 335i will most likely be chosen since it had more power and turbos. Obviously a little more thought might go into this, but usually that is the case.


This makes the customer, who gets the “lower” grade car; miss out on engine upgrades and remains only with aesthetic options. Also, a customer with a 328i wanting to increase the horsepower of their car might see a much heftier bill since they would have to do a bit more custom work than initially going for the 335i from the get-go. However the new models all have turbos, which in my mind is annoying as I’ve always loved the NA I6 engines of BMW, but it creates an even playing field for aftermarket options.


Active Autowerkes’ tries to involve the whole section of a model lineup; providing options for both the top to bottom tiers of the lineup. Their products are reliable and finished with superb quality. One company I can say that does it better and has more options would be Turner Motorsports.