AMUSE 86: Day 3

The new 86 has taken the streets by storm…..oh wait I mean the new brz has…hold on no the FRS is…..hmmm okay I’ll go with 86 because that’s what it was supposed to be originally if Toyota wanted to go with it by themselves. I’m very impressed with the look (exterior) of the 86 and impressed with the better looking interior of the brz.

Anyways we are here to check out Amuse offerings for tuning the 86/BRz. From the recent Turbo system pushing out 400HP+ to the infamous R1 exhaust systems they bring Amuse is definitely a force to reckon with. Contact Bullet Proof Automotive if you are in the states and want some of these parts.





Top 6 Japanese Tuners: #1 Power House Amuse

Power the House with Electricity

Well the final one is here Amuse was my final pick for the top six (according to me). Everything that this company represents, I find that it follows what needs to be molded into a car or the mechanics behind it. The styling, quality, and passion that is concentrated put in their work exceeds my expectations. This legendary tuning company of Japan started around the 1990’s with the brains of the late Hideki Tanabe behind it. Tanabe-sama brought a revolution in Japan on how cars should be tuned and the quality needed to obtain this vision. Its very tragic that he had to leave us at such a early age.



They have a wide variety of ECU products and high quality Titanium exhausts that look superb as well as Dry carbon hoods and body kits. I was very surprised that U.S. based company’s still don’t have much knowledge on Amuse besides the infamous Carbon R GTR. Tanabe-sama was only mentioned higher trafficed websites such as theREALJDM, GarageMeister and Farm of Minds. Surprisingly no one else has written an article about them that has surfaced like tuners such as HKS or RE-Amemiya. I’m not quite sure why, because I have heard nothing but good stories about this company yet nothing really stands out here in the states. As far as I know, their U.S. tuning company shut down a while back about the same time Best Motoring decided to fall out. Its seems that sponsorship and popularity just haven’t hit U.S. tuner interests that much to sustain these companies or maybe too many replicas out there. Whatever the case tuners such as Amuse and HKS have closed branches in the U.S. based on financial and interest on product orders.


134409_10151138987078528_1016650303_oPhantom R35 1

Whatever the case the company is still breathing in Japan with Tanabe-sama’s wife giving it all she can. They also have a sub group called Ericsson that tunes Euro sports cars, just like Tommy Kaira does. I can’t get enough of their cars, they are amazing. So Thank You, Tanabe-sama and I hope your wife keeps doing her best to keep this company in the headlines.

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