599 DAY 2: the note


Engine: AFEXV05.7LEV V12

Power&Torque: 611 HP and 608 Nm

0-60: ~3.6’s

Top Speed: 205 mph

Transmission: F1 “Superfast” GB or Mechanical GB

Few things in the manual that catch my eye are the conditions to drive your vehicle. The most obvious is don’t have alcohol before or after driving! Hmmm an Italian breed of a car saying this, must be the American model manual. Another one in the “when traveling” section is they say, “Good personal physical conditions ensure you can drive long distances safely.” So basically don’t black out and wake up and drive, lose weight if you are panting for air, and smoking kills.

2515770767_14cda90c05_o fiorano11

Other nonsense in the manual for US 599’s are Californias claim of random exhaust gases that are canrcinogenic. Seriously all those damn people getting plastic surgery and tanning is worse than a man/woman driving their Ferrari once or twice a week for 10-100 miles!

untitled 2009_Ferrari_599_GTB_Fiorano_34_1680x1050


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