R32 GTR: Revival of a Legend

In 1989 Nissan brought back the GTR logo to the R32 Skyline, the GTR emblem was tucked away for 16 years and now it was time for it to see the light again. That logo has now been praised internationally by people who didn’t even know the car existed, this is all thanks to the R35 GTR.

In 1989 this legend wipped the competition in the early 90’s in Japanese race tracks and also in some European competitions–Spa 24 hours. A 2.4 Liter I6 Twin Turbo Engine pushing 280bhp, was thundering in Japan and came overseas shocking supercar companys that didn’t consider it in their league. The R35 is a definite innovative replica of the R32.

2772227449_1f17a08f47 4737596297_5ac912d659_z skyline_gtr_r32_front_blue_1



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