Top 6 Japanese Tuners: #5 Re Amemiya

Aiii Nihonnnn!

Founded  by Isami Amemiya, this Japanese tuning company started around the 1970’s focusing primarily on rotary engines powered by Mazda. They have had great success in JGTC (now called Super GT) and have also been featured in various media (GT5, Hot version, Import Bible, etc.) 


The reason why I love this company so much is because of the RX-7 itself and the offerings they have brought for it and its younger sister the RX-8. They suit up a car to look pretty and go fast. Growing up I loved seeing the little FD tackling the hot shot GTR’s and super cars  from Europe. Its an engine and platform with great potential if you follow the correct rules of tuning it. Oh and if you didn’t know the RE = Rotary Engine! My favorite car by Amemiya is the d1 FD3S, I love the light blue color and I saw a replica in California and fell in love instantly, so cool!


pics: top gear, ra64freddy, speedhunters


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