Koenigsegg: A Modern Marvel, Built With Forbidden Technology

As computers, robotics, and technology are continuously being updated; humans are depending less on ourselves and more on the “techy” gadgets to think for us. We google, bing, basically use the internet for trivial questions instead of running for a book or to the library or just experimenting with the questions we have.


Automobiles are moving in the same way. Manual transmissions are being thought of as a minor option and big screens and flashing lights are being introduced into our cabins, just as they are in homes, work, and mobile devices. Okay, maybe I’m ranting, but we are relying more and more on computers and less on ourselves for basic activities and questions in our daily lives.



One company that does quite the opposite when manufacturing their cars is Swedish supercar giant Koneigsegg. The expertise that go into making such a marvelous car is all done by these things called hands that have carpals, which are controlled by a system called the nervous system……yes amazing right and a bit more detailed that how I said it! Every component of the car is done by human visualization and craftsmanship; it goes to show how expensive a handmade product is versus a mass produced computer built toy. More than one million dollars expensive. What I like is that you can even

2002 Koenigsegg CC 8S_10

All said and done, its amazing to hear the Koneigsegg dream, and how we still value a one of a kind product. Yes humans are more expensive, however we have passion and emotion in everything we do. When you see cars that are custom built it amazes you to wonder how this was done without the help of your little pocket mobile phone. I’ve loved the CC and CCX when I first heard about this company and hope all goes well for them. However, 1.5 million is out of my budget.


Check out Pagani as well, they too are


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