Pretty 2012

#8 2012 GTR Black Edition

Engine: V6 3.8L TT (VR38DETT)

Power: 545 hp/ 463 lb-ft

0-60: 2.9 sec

Top Speed: 196 mph


Already being an ultimate Japanese machine, Nissan decided to offer a special edition for markets outside Japan with this special Black Edition. The package deal moves the price tag of +$96,000 to $106,000. That extra $10,000 gets you a set of 20″ special black RAYS rims; which always look good on Nissan models, Recaro seats, and a Dry Carbon rear spoiler. All premium features for the GTR are also included in this package. I still can’t believe the GTR can reach 0-60 at the same time as the 599xx, such an incredible machine. Photos come from Motor Trend Magazine!




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