Pretty 2012

#9 Ferrari 599xx Evoluzione

Engine: 6.0L v12

Power: 740hp / 516ft*lbs torque

0-60: 2.9 sec

Top Speed: 196 mph

To think that Ferrari would end the 599xx as the ultimate track car built in the 599 platform was not enough for them. In 2012 they up-ed their game and brought out the 599xx Evoluzione! If you have ever watched dragonballz (sorry to make light of this write-up) you can imagine going from a Super Sayian to Super sayian 2; then all of a sudden you add $250,000 to get bigger splitters, 30+ horsepower and a giant wing becoming a Super Sayian 3. Okay, Okay sorry, but in all the Ferrari 599xx Evo was brought to further develop their track based car, the 599xx! If you are lucky enough to have a big piggy bank to test these cars (29 599xx, 7 599xx evo’s) or maybe buy one for your track days then be my guest. Write the check to Ferrari for $1.25M plus the extra $250,000 for the Evoluzione package, obviously you don’t only get the car, but are also put on an exclusive list to enjoy testing new technologies that Ferrari brings out in domestic and F1 markets.

As for me I would rather buy a 599 GTB and tune it to my desires in order to make it street legal and not just for the track; although it could never compare to the Ferrari house tuning of the 599xx but I’m a person who likes to be the underdog that beats the guy at the top!




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