Pretty 2012

#14 Lamborghini Aventador

Replacing the bat, comes the Aventador from lamborghini. It takes queues from its two older brothers the Murcielago and Reventon. With beautiful looks and a mean swagger this car looks good on the outside and if you’ve ever heard one rev while you stand behind its exhaust, you know to never do that again–well if your at least 100ft+ away. Although I’m still not happy they are being controlled by Audi, don’t get me wrong I loved (I’ve divorced Audi), but looking at the R8 and Gallardo’s interior it’s like Lambo originality only lies in its body and emblem. Maybe I’m too in over my head, but anyways I love this car minus the interior; looks to space age with too many lights.


Engine: V12  6.5L

HP: 700HP w/ 507ft/lb torque

0-60: 2.9 sec’s

Tires: Pirelli 255/35 F, 335/30 R



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